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Critical Error 62


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“Oh, I meant to ask, what happened with the injured officer and does it relate?”

“He arrived on time, was scouring the outskirts in case someone was lurking about, playing a hunch.  I guess you could say it paid off.  He wandered past the cabins and continued until he reached the spot we found him in.  He’d noticed a guy with night vision goggles.  Curiously they were trained on us.  He immediately approached the guy who hurried away.”

“Since he’d vacated the area he continued on down the beach.  When he came back an hour later, he didn’t notice him hiding in the bushes.  He said he heard something turned and the lights went out. Unfortunately, it was the perp who’d returned surreptitiously and he had no notice. He’s feeling pretty silly.”

“About what?  He was doing his job, and the guy came from nowhere.”

“True enough, but he feels he should have been more aware and alert, that he let his guard down since hindsight being what it is, he feels he should have known he’d return since he was showing more interest in us than he should have.”

“I thought this was a case of stalking.  I don’t understand the lengths he’s going to.  This sounds more like vigilantism and he seems more informed than I’d have expected. Is this normal for weirdos?”

“Yes it can be.”  Paul held her hand gently rubbing with his thumbs.  “They can be incredibly inventive when they need to be.”

“I know I agreed pushing his buttons would bring him out in the open, but I didn’t expect any of this, this level of violence. I’m really scared, Paul.”

Placing his hands on either side of her face he continued, “You have us here to protect you, and since he’s upped the anti, so shall we.  You are incredibly brave, Eilea and so are the kids.  This level of attack is unusual, certainly at this stage, it’s something that can and does happen when a stalker realizes he’s on the outs.”

“I’m not at all brave, Paul, I’m quaking in my boots.  Not for me, but for the others, and my kids.  It would be far simpler if he went after me, it’s one target not several.  It’s like a game of chess where you don’t know what the next move will be.  You might have an idea, but the strategy escapes me.”




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