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I have to admit I had never heard this word and had to look it up at first believing it was a made up word because it doesn’t roll off the tongue, it sounds ugly. Hateful! I really had to check this out!

I was an outlier in my own little world

As if living my life in the netherworld

Not quite fitting in, I on a different path

An oddity too, seldom given to wrath

I see the world for what it can be

Holding onto beauty and possibility

Idealist, realist, dreamer, and more

All rolled into one sailing from distant shore

One day to meet another believing as me

Alive with possibilities and also carefree

Leave behind all that once was

Foraging ahead without applause

Dreaming the dream that now unfurls

Words as sweet around me do swirl

I was an outlier in my own little world

Not so here among real honest caring whirls

To you all of my incredibly wonderful blogging friends. You have welcomed me into a delightful, pleasurable place to visit and be. While accepting and understanding, following your path still able to share openly the depth of your souls for all to see. You are truly all one of a kind and it is an honour to partake of daily. I humbly thank you.







  1. AprilEsutton says:

    I was also an outlier. Now we have gathered together here in the bloggospere and we are outliers no more.


  2. Sumyanna says:

    This is very lovely. Had I not been teaching the girls math, I would not have known its meaning either 😀


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