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“Why do you deny the truth?” I asked confused.

“What truth?” Fran responded calmly

“The truth that there may be someone special out there that will touch your heart and soul.  Who though not perfect as none of us are, you can share your joyous moments and even unhappiest one with.  Someone at your side who cares about what happens to you, who doesn’t care about perfect makeup and perfect hair. Who accepts your smudged mascara running down your cheeks because you’re crying happy tears of joy!  Someone, you wish to share every delightful moment with, question, playfully argue with?”

“I’ve got you for that!”

Laughingly I remarked, “It’s not the same and you know it.  Yes, we’re best friends, but I have someone in my life to share all this with.”

“Your letting life slip by you without sharing it fully, completely.”

“I’m not in denial, Jessica.  I’m picky this time round.  Once burned twice shy.  I missed something, didn’t look deep enough and it was a raw deal. Yes, I want all that you speak to, with all my heart I do.  I want to do it my way, accidentally, have it be a surprise.  Not a set up that I would immediately distrust.”

“Alright, no more setups for you.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, speaking about denial, that cheesecake wouldn’t happen to be low calorie would it?”






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