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Critical Error 60


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“He’s gone to check it out.”

“You can’t tell me he thinks that crazy person did this!  How would he know which ride we were going on, or when?  I mean, there wasn’t enough time!  We didn’t know ourselves until just a few minutes beforehand . . . .  I don’t believe it . . .  it had to be an accident.”

“I hope your right!”

“Paul called your parents, Brandon to let them know what was going on.  They were all set to drive straight here, but he convinced them it wasn’t necessary, that as long as you were ok, they could safely wait until Friday as planned.”

“Absolutely.  They don’t need to make a special trip for this.  They can drive us home if necessary, or Cliff can, since I won’t be able to drive.”

“I’ll give them a call as soon as we get back to the cabin, and put their mind at ease,”Eilea assured him.

“Thanks, Eilea.”

“I hope you get some rest.  We’ll see you later.”  She bent over Christina and kissed her on the cheek.

“Don’t worry, Eilea, we’re going to be fine, really.  A couple of days and we’ll be ready to tackle anything, honestly.”  Eilea left so the others could chat in privacy.

Steve joined her at the door.  “How are they doing?”

“They’re going to be alright, thank God!”

“Steve, what do you think about all this?  It could have been an accident, couldn’t it?”

“Although I hate to say it, Eilea, Paul is probably right.  These companies have to keep their equipment in top-notch repair.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t have many customers or insurance.”

“If he can reach them here, right out in the open like that, it would take an army to protect us, ” then disgustedly continued, “God, it makes me so mad!  We’re the prisoners here, not him, us!”

When the kids joined them, they walked back toward the cabin.  “How do you kids feel about a barbecue?”

“Fine, I guess.”

“I know I don’t feel particularly hungry either, but we have to eat something.  “If one goes, you all go.  Safety in numbers, remember?”  Their departure was silent.  Obviously, their thoughts were with the two laying in the hospital. She, on the other hand, worried about them and the possibility that any one of them could be next.

“When will Paul be back, do you think?”

“Pretty soon.”

“Want to start the barbecue while I prepare the steaks and salad, Steve?”

“Sure.  All the stuff with it?”

“Yes, I think the accessories are inside the cabinet.”

Eilea was scoring the steaks when Paul returned.

“Hi.  How’d it go?”

“Bad news, Eilea.  Seems it was deliberate alright.  I questioned all the workers as well as those on the scene.  The gear had been checked earlier this morning, everything was in order.  That means someone tampered with the equipment sometime before the kids went up.   Unfortunately, no one noticed anything.  The lines were cut on the inside, underneath the cover and wouldn’t have been noticeable until the moment they broke. Since they’d already checked, there was no need for worry or concern.”

“I don’t understand how it’s remotely possible.” Eilea was flabbergast.


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