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Your Home and Colours


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If you’re interested in making a foray into colour and aren’t sure what to do or how the colour will work, may I suggest my favourite trick . . . buying a pillow, throw rug, vase and or candles (or a combination of them) in a new colour and add these to a room.  You can update your look without spending scads of money.  So if (green) is the latest colour of 2017, (and your uncertain about using green in your current colour scheme or can’t visualize how it will fit in) you can obtain bits and pieces to add to your room, immediately updating and modernizing your overall look without the added expense.  If you find you detest green, you can (snicker snicker) unload on a best friend who adores green, and try something else.

Another reasonably inexpensive way to try colour is going to the nearest $ store (not sure whether these are available outside the US and Canada) but a store that has plastic items in up to date colours, (for a $ or 2 a piece) placing those items around the room, you’ll still receive the same effect.  I wasn’t sure how a colour would look in my daughter’s house so I bought 6 plastic “kids” glasses” in a hot new colour, which the kids loved.  I realized the colour worked and was able to obtain an item she would enjoy for the house (in this case, an expensive candle ensemble).

By using (bits and pieces) you have an opportunity to observe how colour transforms in a variety of situations.  Colour is affected by exterior light entering a window or door or through the use of interior lighting (and each type of lighting changes a colour dramatically) not only throughout the day but well into evening and after dark.

These days colour advocates (painting companies) have become wise to colour personality and seasons.  Since they know people are unnerved about changing colour, some are becoming very adept at explaining how this works and have divided colour into what they call Composed, Comfortable or Confident relatable to – colour personality and personality.

For example a creative social type might be drawn to the dusky blues, spicy reds and lime green designed to captivate your attention.  Others will be drawn to a composed palette in earthy greens and taupes which are more traditional in nature creating a contemporary space. A comfortable range is characterized by light pinks, blues and yellow making even small spaces pop. Muted shades are ideal for introverts making a foray into accent colours.

Luckily many paint companies offer colour wheels and options that allow you to take a room (some allowing you to use your own pictures) and paint them in a variety of colours so you can visualize any given colour and whether it speaks to you.




  1. All very interesting 😉


  2. Margarita says:

    Wow! What a lot of stuff to consider in choosing colors! 😉 xoM


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