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Colour, Home and You


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Have you ever wondered what drew you to a particular apartment or home?  Often it is the location and whether you’re drawn to the country, city, urban or subs. Perhaps it’s size, for a family or a couple.  Then there’s the cost which may be of concern.

All of that aside, have you ever walked into a house and found you were immediately attracted, felt relaxed comfortable and at home and couldn’t understand why?

I mentioned “colour personality” in a previous blog (as in colours that favour your skin tone).  Therefore, you may find yourself drawn to a home facing the direction of your “seasonal” personality.

A Northern facing home tends to be subdued and sedate while a southern exposure enhances colour brightness.

A pale porcelain blond would shun dramatic colours, while a vibrant brunette adores them. If you look at your closet, it will be filled with colours that make you feel good.  Likewise, your favourite paintings will project your favourite colours or include them and you’ll undoubtedly zero in on a particular colour in a painting, drawn to it immediately.

East light is warm and yellowy in the morning, then blue-ish as the day progresses. This is a good light for red, yellow and orange. Can you guess who would be drawn to this combination?  “autumn” people.

Southern light makes any color look great. Everyone would be drawn to this combination. Do what your heart desires.

West light is shadowy most of the day, then warm and lovely in the evening. Strong colors and neutrals can work well so all colour types would enjoy.

Decorating can be interesting and challenging depending on how secure you feel about using colour.  Some are drawn to monochromatic colour schemes, or in other words, shades of one colour, either lightened or darkened.

Others enjoy an analogous colour arrangement defined as colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.  If blue were a main colour, you might add neighbouring greens such as celadon, using grasscloth and include blue and green accessories.

Some might be drawn to complimentary colours which contain opposites on the colour wheel.  So blue and orange being opposites.

So if painting a room makes you feel frantic and unnerved, take along your favourite painting, (one you truly love) you’re sure to find a specific colour you love and you can use tones of that colour throughout the room.  Not only will you feel comfortable happy and relaxed in that location, it ties the painting into the overall scheme which creates a fit and often an elegance you may have been looking for.  If your hip and young (or young at heart) you can use this idea to your advantage as well.

Just a thought, I’ll add more tomorrow.



  1. That was great, you are very knowledgeable with your colours 🌈


  2. Great post Phyllis, your very colour clever aren’t you! I like light walls but lots of colour in the furniture and pictures. I like the walls to be a blank canvas and light to open a room up 😊


    • Yes me too! I’ve noticed the avant like red walls and I’ve even used them and it creates quite a masterpiece but having said that, I prefer using my walls as a canvas and sprucing the room with colour that is less expensive to exchange when the need arises and you want an inexpensive change. I took a course on decorating, and I loved the parts pertaining to colour so I’ll add another snipet tomorrow. thank you I love your input always!


      • I look forward to it as I might be needing these tips when I move! Another reason I like light walls is because the cutting in is so much easier! I have so many pictures, prints etc that I am not hanging them all on this place, downsizing will be interesting 😉


      • wow that will be interesting…finding what really speaks to you and what you can toss it’s spoken! mwhahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think these will be one of the hardest things to toss. Many of them have looked down at us from walls for years, some from mums looked down at her. I am going to struggle getting rid of any!


  3. updownflight says:

    I’ll enjoy thinking about this post for a while. Interesting topic.


  4. AprilEsutton says:

    Using an accent color from a favorite painting works very well.


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