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Bashful and Bonkers #AtoZChallenge #AMWRITING


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“You’re wrong, just dead wrong!”

“You are.  Look, Maxine is never bashful, she’s totally bonkers!”

“That’s what makes her unique wonderful delightful!”

“Oh come on, tell me what’s so special about Maxine?”

“She speaks her mind, she tells it like it is, she’s unafraid and says what most are too bashful to say, even though they might think it.  She does it with style, flair and an I don’t care what you think attitude.  What’s not to love?”

“I still think Peanuts is better.”peanuts

“Definitely Maxine.”

“No contest!  Game over!”

“Drink up, your beer’s getting warm.”

“What’s wrong with warm beer?”


“Fred your just bonkers!”

“Andy you’re too bashful.”

And so it goes, an evening filled with pros and cons with no end in sight.

“Bashful and bonkers make our skewed world.”

“Ok, I agree with that one.”

“What topic is next?”

“Don’t know, same time same place, tomorrow.”

“Night Fred.”

“Night Andy.”



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