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This will be the first of, hopefully, a series of insightful question/discussion posts.

Here’s how it works: Have a look at the question, read my answer, and then do one or both of the following: tell me your response to the same question, respond to my answer with thoughts of your own.


How does it feel when your muse runs his fingers through your hair, resting his palms bare on your crown?


My muse is androgynous, taking on the form of whatever is necessary to fulfill the task. But when it comes out, it’s a rather strange feeling. It’s like my thoughts cease and words begin to form in response to some form of stimulation (one or more of the five senses, sometimes including synaesthesia). When I’m writing my fiction, I transcend myself and become whoever it is I’m narrating. It’s freeing and relaxing, and it is definitely something that I cannot live without.

How about you?

Stay tuned for the next question.


My muse lives in playful shadow Hide and Seek the name of the game but then she turns and glares and suggests I keep up! Sometimes it’s impossible for the plethora of ideas 10 20 30 on a given subject or word and I find I am overwhelmed unable to decide which idea or thought to pick, which is right for the moment. Then she scampers away laughing because either I caught what she was suggesting, or didn’t and she’s full of amusement. I love this idea, wonderful way to communicate with other writers and bloggers. Awesome Sarah.



  1. Interesting, I wondered how you knew such a wide range of words 🤓


  2. AprilEsutton says:

    I need a museum. Where can I get one?


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