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A is for? appointment

Damn it! she stomped, angry with herself.  She was never late!  She never missed an appointment!  She was never late!!! Yet for the first time in as long as she could remember, she was, late, not just late but very late.  On this the most important day of her life – the beginning of a promising new career, if all went according to plan.

She was nearly panting as she raced through the door, patting her hair as she went attempting to calm her breathing, hoping against hope that the interviewer was held up and hadn’t noticed her tardiness.

Maryanne was a striking woman.  She rarely gave her looks a second thought, using the mirror to ensure her makeup was correct, her hair styled and her clothes tidy.  Her looks were not of her making, and yes she took time occasionally to enhance them by whatever means she chose, but she was all about the internal.

She knew that MacMillan and Ash were too.  Having read up on them prior to setting up the interview Maryanne was well aware of their standards, ethics, morals and goals.

The advertisement clearly stipulated if you were late, don’t bother.  Timeliness was everything.  They were right, it mattered in life but mostly as relating to this business.  It was their mantra.  She hung her head at the thought.

Just then a debonaire man strode toward her.  She stared open-mouthed.  Christian!

He took one look and smiled, “Worth the wait.”



  1. Great story very professional 😃


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