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Critical Error 51


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“I’m in two minds about calling Brandon and Cliff’s parents, to inform them about what’s happening.  Then they can decide whether or not they want the kids to leave or stay.”

As they walked along the beach, the teens were frolicking in the water, splashing one another.  The sun was setting casting a profusion of color as far as the eye could see.  “Wow, isn’t it sensational?”  Eilea stood staring awed by the variety of hues ranging from deep orange to violet.

Placing an arm around her waist, he pulled her close.  Without warning, he bent down and shot a spray of water at her that dampened her breasts, shoulders and face.  “Why you rat!”  Eilea began kicking and splashing water at Paul until he was as wetter than she was.  Their water fight escalated into a free for all that completely soaked them both.

Eilea rushed toward him and wrapped her arms around his waist; they playfully struggled, becoming entangled with each other, lost their footing, and were submerged.  As they went under, they let go of each other, rising from the as yet cold water, gasping for air, rubbing the water off their faces, laughing at one another.  Hopping spritely to her feet, she rushed at Paul once again and pushed his head under water.  Rising, he seized her by the waist and pulled her back under.  They continued floundering for several minutes until Paul drew her soaked form to his and planted a wet kiss upon her upturned lips.  As the kiss deepened, they slid gracefully into the water.

Rising from the water’s shallow depths he said, “God, you’re lovely.”  His voice held wonderment.

“Ohh, come on, as much as I would love to stay here, I’m freezing.”

Winking he suggested, “I know several ways to warm you up.”  Although she loved the idea, she gently reminded, “I’m sure you do, but we have an audience… I feel a little uncomfortable.”


“And how do you propose to manage that?”

He simply winked, “They have to sleep sometime.”

“Race you!”  They dashed toward the cabin as warm breezes caressed their wet cold bodies.  Sprinting to the cabin door, Paul snatched her into his arms and carried her the rest of the way.  “Put me down!”


“I’m freezing and I want to get into a hot shower.”

“Meet you in ten minutes.” He taunted, “You’ll never make it.”

“Watch me!”

“Lock the door behind you.  I’ll knock, loud when I’m finished so you can hear it.”

Eilea opened the door, entered, and followed his instructions before sauntering very slowly toward the shower.  Dropping her wet clothes on the floor, something she rarely did, she stepped into the bathtub and turned the shower on.  Its warmth quickly enveloped her, and when she felt completely refreshed and sufficiently warm, she climbed out, toweled her body dry and quickly dressed.  Scurrying to the front door, when she heard his knock.  “Ha,ha!  What was that about  . . .”     Opening the door, she found a stranger standing there.  The smile died instantly upon her face as she asked, “Who are you and what do you want?”

“I’m supposed to fix the kitchen sink.  It doesn’t appear to be working properly.  The manager sent me over.”

“You’re not coming in until he personally gives the ok.  He knows that.  Please leave.”

Paul heard her raised voice and flew through the adjoining door, his shirt half buttoned.  “Who are you?”

“I was sent by the manager to fix the drip under the sink.”

“Get him!”  Paul ordered.

“Gee, what the hell gives?  I was sent to fix the god damn sink.”

“Not until I see the manager!”  The stranger left, shaking his head in disgust.  “If the manager returns with our friend here, then we’ll know everything is legit.”  Changing the subject he asked, “Got coffee on yet?”


“You are a slow-poke.”  Paul brushed the end of her nose with his finger.

“Slow-poke?  Look at you, with your unbuttoned shirt half on and no shoes while I, on the other hand, am completely dressed,” Eilea pointed out, nose in the air, prancing toward the coffee maker.  Paul laughed.  God she was a delight.

Another knock sounded at the door.  Paul rose instantly and went to answer it, jerking the door open, startling both the manager and the repairman. “I am sorry, Mr. Montgomery, I forgot all about the arrangement.  This is Mr. Sanders.  He’s here legitimately to fix the sink.”



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