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golden pathway across the see at sunset with a bird caught in the light

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The sunset filled Marcy with hope immediately replacing the despair that washed over her earlier.  It’s warmth flowed through the cold lonely ache that infused her body and had her shaking with what, fear, concern, worry doubt? The sun receding over the horizon usually calmed her.  Today it had failed in its job, it usually whisked her along and she soared like the bird in the distance, carefree.

She’d known this moment would come, had to.  She couldn’t afford to keep her part of this glorious island, growing taxes had made it an impossibility and she’d been forced to put half the island up for sale.  Marcy desperately hoped the man known as Vincent Clairmont wouldn’t turn his half into a grotesque monstrosity.  She’d heard rumours that included a hotel for the rich and famous.

Vincent Clairmont arrived tonight.  The chip on her shoulder over having to part with an inch let alone half of her sanctuary was massive.  She’d already reminded herself she was required to be civil, patient and wait it out before landing on him with hob-nailed boots.

When he arrived, he’d wandered around for awhile until he’d found her home.  As he gazed down upon the solitary figure standing arms outstretched toward a setting sun, he instantly felt the pull, the delight, and freedom from convention he was so used to.

His plans were still liquid, he could change his mind and the direction he expected to take regarding the island.  There was a window of opportunity.  Why this thought flooded him was beyond comprehension.  What madness was this?


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