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Passport (2)


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The word of the day is “passport” and I was immediately taken to 100 different directions.Β  I wrote a short story instead of poetry.Β  As I looked through the other posts on passport I realized something uniquely special.

There are so many of you here who are “my passport” to happiness and unequivocal joy. A few blogs today caught my eye, and I’ve taken the liberty of sharing them as they spoke to my heart.

I’ve provided links to but a few of the many incredibly talented writers here.Β  If you haven’t had an opportunity to view their blogs, please do so, as each one offers something different, but uniquely special that speaks volumes and I hope will touch you as much as they do me.

Making a Fortune out of Love

Welcome To My Home



  1. Love it Now says:

    thank you Phyllis! πŸŒΊπŸŒΉπŸ’•


  2. AprilEsutton says:

    Thank you for including me.


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