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fortune cookie

Oh how fortunate are we

To have this opportunity

Of sharing our lives endlessly

From day to day breathlessly

Cloaked in love and friendship too

Even through the odd miscue

What great fortune in meeting you

Levity joy love and affection pursue

In many ways, it’s how I feel about all of you!  So I consider it my good fortune to have stumbled upon this literary jewel.  You lift my day.   I enjoy your company and the thoughts you share, the experiences you’ve gone through, the ups and downs of daily life, fears, concerns, worries to the happiest most joyous of moments shared. The amusing anecdotes to the outright delicious humour you share that bubbles out of you, so touching.  Your outlook on life and how gracious you are in giving, just giving.  It seems a little thing, but in reality, it’s huge massive over the top.  Being willing to dig deep into your soul and share what you have found, or learned.  It is vulnerable, meaningful and special.  So it’s my great fortune and I humbly thank all of you for sharing, caring, giving of your time, thought, feelings.  xoxoxo to all.



  1. Beautiful Phyllis you have summed up wordpress nicely 👍


  2. Love it Now says:

    And my thanks to you because you are a significant person here every day!🌞


  3. Aw I love this. I’m fortunate as well.


  4. Sheryl says:

    It’s a two way street, I’m happy that you share all that you do. Thank you.


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