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Critical Error 44


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“For efficiency sake, I suggest Andrew and Cliff use the main bathroom, you girls can share the one in your mother’s room, Brandon and I can share the use of mine.  That should divide up nicely.  You’ll have to time yourself for fifteen minutes each though, or we’ll run out of hot water.”

They managed in record time Paul thought and left the bathrooms pretty clean too; he was impressed.

While the kids showered, Eilea loaded the food in boxes to take to the van while adding to a list of other items they would require.

Eilea never spent much time in the shower and managed to beat Paul hands down.  Hmm, she’d have to remind him of this later, she decided, as she hand toweled her hair dry.  Giving her hair a quick but thorough brushing, she rolled it up in haphazard fashion, which was all the rage these days before placing a clip in her hair.

She collected her clothes and shoved them into a plastic bag, replacing them with a cool blue vee neck top and blue jeans.  Her make-up was a matter of adding a light foundation, a little blush and a touch of lipstick for she rarely used makeup while traveling; the last thing she wanted was to feel sticky.

After closing her luggage, she dragged it out to the kitchen.  While she waited, she checked to see how full the dishwasher was and adjusted the dial for a small load and started it.

Christina came out wearing matching tan shorts and shirt tied under the bust.  Her hair hung down her back.  “Mom, would you french braid my hair, please?”

“sure, have a seat.”

Theresa rejoined them looking refreshed, clad in navy shorts,  white top, great for travelling.

Eilea was finishing Christina’s hair when Brandon, Cliff and Paul joined them.

“Everyone packed?”  Paul asked.

“Ready to go.”

“I’ve added a few things like hot dogs and marshmallows to the cache.  I’ll pick up some buns before we leave town,” Paul offered.

“What kind of junk food do you guys like?”


“Pringles it is.”  Looking at Eilea he said, “Ready?”

“You bet!

Everyone grabbed a piece of luggage,  box of food and headed outside.  They stowed anything requiring ice or refrigeration in the van’s fridge along with canned food.

“How do you feel about taking my truck instead, Eilea?” Once alone he whispered, “That way, Andrew won’t feel like he’s suddenly playing second fiddle to me.”

“It’s a great suggestion!”  Eilea.

Eilea walked inside for one last look to ensure they hadn’t forgotten anything.  By the time she’d returned, the situation had resolved itself.  “It looks like your strategy worked.  Andrew seems happier.  Thank you.”

“I’m trying like hell,” he said with a wink.    Walking around the truck, he slid in behind the wheel while Andrew and Eilea climbed in the other side of the cab.  “Andrew, do you want to sit by the window?”


“i was thinking of stopping for a walk on the beach at Parksville, give everyone a chance to stretch their legs and look around.”

“I love the idea, what about you, Andrew?”

Although his tone implied he could care less, he agreed.


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