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Critical Error 41


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“Come in.”

“It’s just me, mom.  I came to tell you we’re back.”

“Thanks, Christina.  Did you have a nice time?”

“Yeah, there’s a full moon tonight and it was a very romantic setting.  We broke up and went our separate ways but I think Cliff and Theresa will be back pretty soon.  I saw them walking toward the house as we entered the driveway.”

“Good.  How do you feel about all this, Christina?”

“You mean about you and Paul?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Sort of.  He seems like a pretty nice guy and I think you deserve some happiness.”

“That’s nice to hear.”

“Good night, mom, pleasant dreams.”

“Same to you, hon’.  Sleep well.  We’ll be leaving about eight-thirty so pass the word, will you?”

“Ok, will do.”  Hesitating at the door, she looked back and said, “Mom, happiness doesn’t come around that often.  You should grab it with both hands and hold on.”

“I just might do that, Christina,”  She got out of bed and opened the blind, inviting the moon’s pearly luster into the room.

Before long, Eilea was sound asleep, cloaked in moonlight.  A couple hours later, when he knew the kids were all asleep, Paul opened the door and peeked in, and that’s exactly how he found her;  bathed in lustrous moonlight, her skin milky-white looking incredibly soft and inviting.

He was torn between going to her to crawl into bed beside her and returning to his own room, alone.  She must have heard something, for she turned her head, saw him watching her and said, “Paul?”


Lifting the covers, she made the decision for him.  He walked to the side of the bed sat down to pull the covers in behind him.

“You are so lovely, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

“So are you.”

Paul placed both hands on either side of her face.  “You are exquisite.  Do you know that?”

“Show me,” she invited.  He did.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her loveliness which excited him even more than this afternoon.  This time, however, they took their time, savouring every moment, every touch, every caress.

Paul had set his watch earlier and was up and gone before she woke.  He didn’t want her to have to make explanations in front of the kids, especially Andrew.  It would take more time to win him over, his barriers were well and truly up.  Her daughter seemed more accepting.  He wasn’t about to lose his mother.

Eilea and Paul were the first to get up in the morning.

“Where did you go last night?”  Eilea asked when he sauntered into the kitchen.

“Actually, it was very early this morning, about five a.m.” he chuckled, as he stroked her chin.  “I didn’t want to create any problems for you with the kids.”

“That’s very considerate of you,” she smiled warmly.


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