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Don’t look the other way. 🌹


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Elaine's Life and Apartment Living . 🌹

This post is for all the people who are struggling due to the challenges that their lives have given them. Some symptoms may not be visible but they still exist and cause difficulties.

May they find strength, joy, peace and happiness along the way and let us show more understanding and compassion for the daily challenges they face. 🌹


Don’t stare at me because I’m different
Don’t judge the life I lead
Don’t criticise my actions
Because that’s not what I need


I need your understanding
I need your heartfelt love
I need you not to label me
That can only come from above


We really are not so different
We really are all the same
We all have an inner spirit
Including feeling pain


So when you see my disabilities
Don’t look the other way
Because I am only a human
Entitled to have…

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