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Critical Error 37


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They gently rolled onto their side, wrapped in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

Eilea was still asleep and he lifted his hand to caressed her face, then her hair until she stirred.  He couldn’t get enough of her he wanted her again.  Trailing a path of soft kisses along her jawline to her lips, he watched her eyes open, smiled warmly capturing her mouth without hesitation.

This time their movements were quicker.  Driven by desire, neither wanted to wait and they pushed each other to fulfillment non-the-less fulfilled and sated when they finished.  “You are a very passionate woman,” he commented.

“I believe I could do this all day and all night, you sexy man.” She responded.  They once again lay wrapped in each other’s arms whispering to one another.

“I guess we should get going much as I hate to move.  It’ll take time to heat the barbecue.  We wouldn’t want to have to explain what activities we have been engaged in, would we?  Join me in the shower? ”

“Lead on.”  They held onto each other and walked into his bathroom.  He hopped in and turned the water on and she joined him.  They laughed and teased as he washed her body and she his.  Their newfound understanding of one another felt right.

Wrapping a large fluffy black towel around her damp body, Eilea picked up her discarded clothing and headed to her own room.  “I have to change.”

“Don’t be long or I’ll come in search of you,” Paul promised.  She smiled a knowing smile and said, “I expect you would.”

Eilea wandered the bedroom, feeling thrilled, delighted and happy.  She twirled around and around, pulling her hair atop her head, staring at her own reflection.  Her green eyes twinkled back at her in the mirror.  He was much sexier than even she had dreamed possible.  What’s more, he was an honest man and one who cared.

God, she was the sexiest woman he’d been with in a long time.  He couldn’t believe her passion . . . couldn’t wait for more. And it wasn’t just her passion that was so intriguing, for she was more, much more.  He’d shared something deeper, more permanent than lust or passion.  He wanted to know everything about her, mind soul body and everything in between.

As if planned, they met at the bedroom door.  He pulled her into his arms and kissed her swollen lips.  “Come, let’s get out of here before I pull you back into that bedroom for a repeat performance.”

“Where is your barbecue gear?”

“Outside the kitchen door is a pantry of sorts.  It has a padlock on it.  The key is hanging beside the door.”  Eilea grabbed the key ring and headed outside while Paul took the steaks out of the fridge and laid them on a plate.

Working side by side, they made a salad, crushed garlic, mixed it with butter and spread it on french bread before wrapping it in tin foil along with a dozen corn on the cob cut into pieces.  Paul then prepared the steaks for grilling.

Before long, the kids returned.  If the looks on their faces were any indicated, they enjoyed their outing.  “You guys getting hungry?’


“Paul has prepared the barbecue and it’s ready for the corn.  Would one of you like to take it out and put it on the top shelf of the bar please?”  Without answering, Cliff washed and dried his hands and picked up the plate of foil wrapped corn and went outside.

“Anything the rest of us can do?”

“Want to get the dishes ready?”

“Done!”  Brandon said.

They were all in great spirits, laughing, joking and teasing through-out dinner, and didn’t seem to mind pitching in to clear the table. “Thanks, Paul that was a great dinner,” Andrew remarked, to which the other’s immediately agreed.

“You’re welcome.”

“There’s a music-fest at the Fairground on Headquarters Road.  Would you be interested in checking it out?”

“What kind of music do they play?”

“I’ve never been but I hear its an eclectic mix of folk, Country Celtic, Bluegrass and Jazz, but updated versions of classics.”

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