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Song Challenge Day 1


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Painting Pictures by Adele
Painting pictures with my mind
Making memories using my eyes
Filling up my heart with golden stories
Who adds some spice to the rhythm of life
Welcome sunrise with the morning glory
I’ve changed my mind
There is no simple
I thought of me
I want to see
I want to feel my heartbeat so
With the world that you feel

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I love Adele, her voice, her songs, her stories.  They are real.
For me, this song is about loss of sight and how important it’s become to savour everything I can see so that I have memories in my mind that are beautiful, filled with joy and heart. It’s about precious moments in time, I want to remember forever.


  1. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

    I love Adele too, she had to go through heartbreak to write such beautiful soul searching songs. I wonder if she ever gave her ex anything out of her millions!


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