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Critical Error 36


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For those feint of heart, this may be a little too erotic for you. Just sayin’.

“And what might that be?” she asked flippantly.

“Why, me, of course,” he replied glibly.

“Oh, of course!”  Eilea eyed him with amusement.

Hearing the back door shut as the kids disappeared, he picked up both of her hands and gently squeezed.  Running his hands up the length of her arms to her shoulders, then across the top, he watched as her head fell back.  He quickly bent to place a kiss on the exposed hollow at the base of her throat.  Her breathing was irregular, exciting him all the more.

“She wrapped her arms around his waist, her fingers roaming freely across his lower back, his hips and stopped at the back pocket of his jeans.  She slid them inside.

“Groaning, she said, “Paul, I don’t usually do this.”

“I know.”


“Don’t talk!” he admonished, reigning kisses across the base of her throat and along one side of her neck to her earlobe.  He was breathing harder as he nibbled on her earlobe, exciting her with expectation.  “Shall we retire to the bedroom?”

“Which one?”

“Does it matter?”



“Because if it’s mine, the kids will walk in.  If it’s yours, they won’t bother us.”

“Mine then,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her and backed her toward the bedroom, guiding her feet with his, as they waltzed toward his room.  Every now and again, he would lift his head to make sure they were on course.  Eilea didn’t have time to notice the bedroom.  As soon as he closed and locked the door, he picked her up and laid her on the bed, undressing her with his eyes.

“Eilea, are you sure you’re ready for this?”

“Come here!” she replied, grabbing him by the collar and pulling him close.  He lay beside her, with his top leg resting across the lower half of her body, while he placed his left arm beneath her shoulders, leaving his right hand free to explore and caressed her body, his kisses growing more inflamed.  Her long slender hands roamed over his face, head and neck, and buried themselves in his thick dark hair.  She closed her eyes and gave herself up to the ecstasy she’d longed for since meeting him.

As he slowly undid the button at her waste-band, and then her zipper, tiny little ripples of pleasure invaded her thighs, making their tingling journey up to her body .

He intended moving slowly, but he found everything about her sexy and intoxicating, his breathing was ragged.  They undressed each other until only their undergarments separated them.  She pulled the covers over them and their bodies warmed to the idea of being closer.  He watched her eyes dilate with passion.  He loved how her body moved of its own volition instinctively following her lead.  He placed his lips at a spot between her breasts and scattered kisses across each delighted by her obvious enjoyment. His tongue traced her lightly scented flesh watching as her arousal grew with each flick and touch of his tongue.  Her responses became more erotic.  He rolled over her and straddled her, resting his weight on his lower legs while he continued his seductive onslaught.

Eilea dragged the palms of her hands down the only part of his body she could reach.   Her hands eager to explore slid inside his boxers and over his hips.  His quickly indrawn breath told her she’d surprised and excited him.

He dropped the lower half of his body until he could reach her mouth. He pulled at each lip, until they parted and he invaded her mouth with his tongue while her hips swayed in exotic fashion beneath him.

He pulled back until her entire naked body lay exposed.  She was so beautiful.  He slid his mouth down, leaving feathery seductive kisses along her body until he reached her waist where he laid a path of kisses across her stomach which had her writhing in yearning desire.  “Ahh, Paul . . .”

He examined every inch of her, gently caressing, and kissing until she was lost to the seductive rhythm of their bodies.  He lifted his body over hers, and once again, kissing her mouth, his tongue engaged in its own game of hide and seek.

She was insane with desire. Placing her hands on both of his hips, she pulled him to her while he playfully resisted.  She placed her hands on his backside and tried to pull him closer, but he would have none of it.  She dragged her hands up his back and into his hair where they tightened into little fists of yearning.

When she least expected it, he entered her determined to take her along with him to new heights.  Together they soared on a vortex of passion ebbing and flowing until they were both spent.


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