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Image result for pictures of rocky mountains

When I first saw the Rockies

About which I’d heard stories

I was simply unprepared

They’re magnificent I declared

Resultantly filled with wonder

And then unequaled terror

Their size was so immense

The experience very intense

Massive beyond equal

Towering yet oh so regal

Colossal pinnacles vast

All of us they shall outlast












  1. Exactly the way I felt about the Superstitions in Arizona. For that matter, the same way I felt about the Grand Canyon. Nothing is as massive as that wall of stone! Nothing.


    • I know, its so impressive it takes your breath away. I was six the first time I saw them and being a flatlander, they were overwhelming at first, I thought they’d come crashing down on me as I lay on the back seat of the car traveling through them. Then I fell completely in love.


  2. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

    When I visited the Rocky Mountains it was with my ex husband, we hired a mobile home and it was snowing like mad so we rented a log cabin for the night, it was magical apart from being with him 😏😫


  3. Sumyanna says:

    Lovely. We have them here too ☺


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