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Critical Error 21


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“Would you like coffee, Eilea?”

“That sounds great.”

“Anyone interested in a pop?” he asked.

“What kind of pop do you have?” one of the teens questioned.

“Mostly coke, but there might be a few other kinds and bottled waters as well.”  Entering a huge country kitchen, Paul walked to the side by side fridge/freezer unit and pulled the door open.  Dragging several bottles from the fridge, he placed them on the emerald green countertop.  Christina less hesitant than the others joined him and chose first; the rest followed suit.

“You guys going to camp out in the van?”

“Yeah.”  Brandon answered for them.  “We thought we’d take a drive to the beach.”

“How about you, Andrew?”

“I’ll stay here if it’s ok with you.  I was wondering if I could take a look at your horses,” he remarked looking Paul directly in the eye, his excitement barely contained.

“Yep, watch where you walk.”  Andrew laughed as he strolled toward the door.  Paul encouraged the others to take their drinks along with them and they departed shortly afterward.

After making and serving coffee he asked, “How’s your coffee?”

Cheekily she responded, “The coffee’s great mmm, multi-talented; I like that in a man.” Which garnered a smirk from Paul.

Coffee in hand, Paul showed her around.  A mixture of furnishings that may have seemed oversized and heavy, worked in this setting.  The rooms were large enough to accommodate each piece which was thoughtfully placed. The accents were beautiful but Eilea was drawn to the fireplace mantle made of solid oak hand carved and uniquely styled.

“It’s built like an L if you will. The kitchen and living dining rooms are central to the entrance with a wing left and right of that to provide privacy.  My room, main bathroom and one guest room are contained in the left wing, the media room and 2 other guest rooms off to the right.

They walked down the hallway leading to the main bathroom, decorated with black and white tiles throughout.  Emerald green accessories and black cupboards were accented with a dynamic emerald green glass sink completing the look.

“Your home is beautifully decorated.  Did you have a professional do this?”

“I had workmen come in and do most of the physical labour because I didn’t have time, but the ideas were mine.” He laughed, ” I had this picture in my head, and as it came to fruition, I was thrilled with the outcome.”

It was gorgeous.  And although the colours were rich, it wasn’t overdone or too masculine for a woman’s tastes.   Everything worked together so well it was simply elegant.

“Words fail me.  You’ve done a remarkable job, it’s fabulous.  I love it.”


“Over here,” he said pointing to the left side, “is the guest bedroom.”

The bedroom floor was covered with a plush light taupe coloured carpet and the walls were a soft cream while the windows were covered with a floral print containing the same burgundy rose and blues as the queen sized bed cover.  The dresser, end tables and desks were cherrywood.

Paul said, “Through the walk-in closet, you’ll find a fully self-contained bathroom.”  Eilea opened the door and was delighted to find a sunken tub and shower with burnished accessories.  Matching towels and towel holders finished the look. “What can I say, this is exquisite.”

“Glad you like it.”

“A man of substance.”

He smiled appreciatively.


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