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Record(s) Those Were The Days!


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I’m not sure how many of you will remember the change in “records”.  We inherited some records not sure what they would be considered and can’t seem to find the information but they were 10 inches (not 12) and heavier than the 78’s.  (I found a picture, first one on the list). We sat listening as they crackled, laughing until our sides hurt at some of the old melodies, songs and even comedy they contained.

Then came the 12 inch (commonly called LP’s) and we had hundreds and unless scratched, they lasted forever and were amazingly clear (at the time).

I especially remember the old 45’s, (my faves) as I could afford to buy them, and did.  My stack of records would rival my friends and family.  I’d sit and listen for hours on my portable record player. I’d visit girlfriends, and we’de carefully stack our 45’s and head out to someone’s place and listen to a mix of music.  Those were delightful moments I recall with great fondness.

I’m sure the record store owner’s eyes lit up when he saw us coming, but we didn’t care, we were able to buy the “latest” offerings immediately upon release.

I remember the first time I heard a CD and the clarity was astounding!  Amazing how times change.  These days, although I have a 5 disc CD player (and no speakers that connect as they were trashed before the move somehow) I listen to youtube and although the sound quality isn’t bad on the HD TV, it’s not quite the same.  The nostalgia and romance aren’t there.  I’m simply listening to music.

Ah yes, I remember the good old days (and some) have great memories attached.



  1. jillymaui says:

    I love records, or I used to anyway.


    • I know right? I loved them, I still have them, just no way to play them. But they sure bring back memories. Thanks you so much for the comment, I appreciate it.


      • jillymaui says:

        Course, I’m just getting started on here, but I’m enjoying the amazing writing and art. I let go of all my lp’s now I wish I would of kept some of the classics.


      • I know, I have about 50 but I literally had hundreds but I got tired of carting them around. My loss I’m afraid. Welcome to the WP community. You’ll find everyone welcoming and fun and most interesting. I’m so happy I found this site.Made new friends and I find it is something else worth getting up for hehe

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I had a large box full of them in the attic. If I remember to look for a needle I’ll be ready to take them down and listen to them again.


  3. I still remember using my first record which was Lilly the pink by Scaffold, what was yours?


  4. Sumyanna says:

    So agree with you. When I was younger I had one of those small suitcase looking boxes with a record player inside. I had record that read stories as you looked at the book. Over time, everything changed… I personally miss it too.


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