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Nathan 158


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Nathan and Emma retired after Nathan reassured everyone he looked worse than he felt, which was far from the truth, but it seemed to mollify the others to some extent.

“Nathan, ”

“I’m going to be fine, Emma.  I know I must look a sight, but this isn’t usual for me.”

“It breaks my heart you took this beating because of me.”

“No, Emma.  I did it because I love you.  I’d die before I’d let that miscreant lay one hand on you.  My men had it under control.  Their priority was finding and getting you out of Jessop’s hands.  I knew they’d come for me, I wasn’t worried.  Although, I could have done without the shiner.”

“I need a quick shower.  I’ll join you shortly,” he promised on a tender kiss.

Within but moments, he rejoined Emma and eased onto the bed an ice pack on his eye, which hurt but would ease the swelling. “I guess I get to play nurse now, huh?”

“Any other moment in time, I’d take you up on that romantic offer, sweet Emma.  Tonight, I just want to hold you close, feel your warmth and know you’re safely tucked in my arms.”

Emma gingerly settled on the bed and moved slowly toward him to wait until he was comfortable.  Though it must have hurt, he determinedly pulled her close and held on.

“Words fail me, Emma, when I knew he had you, what he may do, what he planned to do…”

Emma quickly interrupted, “But didn’t, Nathan.  He didn’t get the chance, you and your men were too organized and you outsmarted him yet again.”

Breathing in the scent of her hair he continued, “He’ll pay for the rest of his life.  Of that I am equally sure.”

Staring directly into his eyes Emma added reassuringly, “And we’ll be living ours!  To the fullest!”

“Indeed we will.”

“Where do you want to go on our honeymoon?”

Emma’s eyes opened wide.  “Pardon?  Is this by way of a proposal?”

“Best way I know how!  You are wrapped in my arms, I love you beyond words, you love me, and we can fly off at a moment’s notice.  I want to show you all that is Nathan.”

Emma smiled.  “You mean there’s more?  You look pretty svelt and sassy as is.”

Nathan laughed, “Your wonderful, Emma.  I can’t picture my life without you.  Indeed, it would become meaningless.  Your the flower that has been missing from my garden, the one I so luckily found.”

“No place I’d rather be, Nathan.”  She reached up a hand and tenderly caressed his cheek.  “I love you truly, always and forever.”

“Your parents are already here, it wouldn’t take long to put a wedding together.  I can fly the rest of the family out…”

“If we were married in a courthouse, on the corner of Main Street I wouldn’t care, Nathan.  As long as we are together, there’s no other place I’d rather be.”

“I’m sure we could manage in a couple of weeks, only because it would give you time to recover so we can do the honeymoon justice.”  She winked provocatively.

“Your wish…”  he smiled adoringly at her.  “Then we’ll set a date three weeks from today.”

“I’ll be there.”






  1. Sheryl says:

    While I love the word svelte I’m sad its over… I think I saw an epilogue….


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