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Swarm – Nathan


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A swarm of emotion slaked his aching body as he eased back into his seat as Jim drove him to Emma.  “Did you get all that, Jim?”

“Yes, loud and clear.  You have him, Nathan, have him cold, on record, loudly profusely wrapping himself and the others into a net so tight a fleet of lawyers couldn’t get him out from under. He’s destroyed himself in his eager desire to prove his brilliance.”

It was worth it then.  Nathan momentarily smiled at the knowledge that Jessop and all his associates were being gathered detained and charged with the murder of Sylvia Westwood, the hit and run and subsequent death of Robert Marks for starters, with multiple charges to follow, all provided by Jessop himself in his own words.  He’d never see the light of day again.

Jim glanced sideways at Nathan.  “You sure you don’t want to see a medic first?”

“No, I need to see Emma reassure her family Jessop’s been taken care of, there’s no need now for worry or concern.” This was one occasion when Nathan could take extreme satisfaction in a job well done since it was personal.  He was only sorry he didn’t have an opportunity to land a few on Jessop – shallow perhaps, but extremely satisfying.

“I have to tell you, Nathan… I may have used excessive force.”

Nathan turned to look at him, “Oh?”

“Yeah,” he paused significantly, “I may have landed those punches on Jessop with aggravated intent.”  He grinned at Nathan, “Wasn’t sure you’d have the opportunity, so he received three hard-hitting “jabs” shall we say, before he went down.”

“My, my, Jim, I suppose we should discuss technique… is a reprimand in order do you suppose?”

“Couldn’t say, Nathan, it’s a matter for the powers that be to decide.”

Although it hurt, he turned toward Jim and they exchanged an effusive high-five.  That said it all.






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