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Nathan 155


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“I have a trophy room, did you know that?  Of course, you didn’t.” He smirked, avarice greed and spite all equally reflected in his eyes.  “I’m trying to decide what of yours I should add.  Perhaps a painting.  Yes, indeed, but something special, something unique.”  He paused dramatically then leaned in, planting his face directly in front of Nathan, “A picture of Emma.  I’m sure you have one stashed somewhere.”

Nathan barely flinched although he wanted to punch Jessop in his sneering slimy face and keep on punching until he was unrecognizable.  Instead of allowing such fantasies to continue, he said, “I invite you to try to enter my place.  We both know it’s a fortress.”

Jessop straightened.  “Nothing is impenetrable, Nathan,  you know that.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  I have a large payroll and the will.”

“My sources tell me your business is drying up, Jessop.  Why is that?  Why are so many shunning your business acumen?”

“Because you poked your bloody nose in my business, but since you’re in the unenviable position of being a captive, with no hope in sight of leaving this place, alive, I’ll quickly mend broken fences and I’ll be stronger than ever.”

“Unlikely, Jessop. You’ve committed murder, twice, attacked the Banks family, gone after Emma.  It’s all on record. Not to mention the little side-line you have going in four separate warehouses.”

“So, it was you that broke in. Too bad the world will never know you enjoy trespassing. I’ll have to keep that little tidbit to divulge later how Nathan Armstrong wasn’t all he was cracked up to be.  The clandestine activities you were involved in will I’m sure, parlay into an inticing morsel for journalists to twitter over in their by-lines.”

“What makes you think I’m noteworthy?  I’m simply a gifted artist who travels the world.”

“Anson Morgan suggests otherwise.  He has it on good authority that you meddle in all kinds of situations you should keep your nose out of.”

“So he’s involved in your arms enterprise then?”

His eyes lost focus, he peered through Nathan as if he wasn’t there,  eyes unfocused almost demented “No harm in divulging that little tid1bit,  considering you won’t have an opportunity to disclose any of what I tell you, but yes, he’s a great asset with the right connections in all the right places.  He’s unwittingly made me a wealthy man.  I’ll have to pay him a visit with a fine scotch to celebrate.”





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