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The Return


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The anticipation of his return and entry into her life was unsettling, unnerving and scary as hell since he was unknown to Jessie.

She hadn’t set eyes on her father in over twenty-five years because he’d been sent to prison for murdering the man responsible for killing his wife, her mother.

A burglar entered their home, held them at knife point, stabbed her mother and her father jumped in front of the perpetrator to save his little girl and during the ensuing fight with the killer, his gun went off and the perp went down, dead.

Although the community rallied around her father attending the courtroom daily chanting placards in hand, justice had been swift against her father.   He had a black belt, his hands registered as weapons, lived a military life with the judge holding him accountable instead.

Jessie hoped they could build a relationship for she was in his corner, had communicated with him since his incarceration and he would come live in her home for as long as he wished; it was a start at rebuilding a life and relationship long denied them both.



  1. I can’t begin to imagine the stress of this situation and the pain of being unfairly separated for so long. So much for self-defense being a valid excuse. Most husbands I know would react the same way, mine is armed, and he most definitely would. I hope they are able to build a loving relationship that serves both of them well in the future.


    • I so agree, Josie, it’s happened too often that the victim is victimized yet again. Ok the perp lost his life, but still, he took a life! His death as a result as far as I’m concerned while not “warranted” was the Only way to stop him from killing the little girl and probably the father, and others. Who knows if he’d killed before and got away with it.


  2. valj2750 says:

    So much story in these sentences. It is a beginning and an end at once.


  3. UP says:

    Packed with info in six! Good job. I can’t imagine the unfair separation and its impact.


    • This actually was a work of fiction, but also based in reality. A case very similar happened several years back and it popped into my head. Thank you for reading and commenting, appreciate it.


  4. Bella Knowes says:

    WOW, Powerful story!!


  5. Kristi says:

    What a sacrifice the father made! I hope they are able to build a strong post-prison relationship.


  6. The lengths people will go to for loved ones – amazing. Quite a tragic situation here and nicely told.


  7. R L Cadillac says:

    HOPE is a powerful entity.


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