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Amy’s heart quickened when she thought about meeting him again.  Their short liaison had been intensely satisfying, romantically exciting and fulfilling, reaching depths of her soul she hadn’t known existed.  Today they would meet again for the first time in four years since being forced to part as a result of pressure from jobs, inter-continental travel and family.  A true modern Romeo and Juliet scenario with her family and his divided through their family businesses. Still, the heart wanted what it wanted.  The moment she looked into his eyes, she would know where they stood and whether their “relationship” such as it was stood a chance.

Markus walked toward her, tall straight and as handsome in her eyes as she had remembered.  It was a very public venue. Immediately, his arms opened and he wrapped her in a hug as full of love, longing and desire as the last moment he’d held her.

He would fight for her, for them.  Amy was who he wanted.  Irregardless of family ties, concerns and threats, if necessary, he would walk away from them and their small minded constraints.  Markus was relieved at finding the light in her eyes hadn’t changed either.  She obviously wanted the same thing as he did.

Together, unitedly, they would make this work.  He’d squirreled enough money away to start his own business branching out making the possibility a reality.


“Markus, it’s been forever and yet it feels as though but a moment in time.”

“You are prepared for this and all it entails?”

“Indeed I am.  It won’t be easy unless they come around, but we’re worth fighting for.” She reached up and kissed him with passion promise desire and a finality that couldn’t be denied.

“This is it then.  It’s you and me, us against the world?”

“If it comes to that, Amy, we will win.”

Arm in arm they turned and walked toward their future, together.








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