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Nathan 152


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Before intermission was over Jim was alerted to Emma’s disappearance.  Martin hurried to his side and whispered in his ear.  Jim was furious.  Jesus Christ!  How did it happen?  When?  He continued questioning Martin who hadn’t witnessed her disappearance until he managed to break through the milling crowd to get to Jim.

Taking Jemma’s hand he held on then leaned toward Sarah and Jake, “We have to go, now.”

“What is it?  What’s wrong?”

“No time to explain, let’s go.”  Between him and Martin, they hustled the family to the waiting car.

Jemma stopped short, “Where’s Emma?”  Panic filled her eyes. “Emma!” she called loudly.

“In the car, please, Jenna.” Once they were inside and Martin was at the wheel, Jim explained his concerns.

“I found this.”  He held up the note Emma had left behind.  “It indicates Julie had been abducted and Emma was to meet up at the airport with the sender of the note.”

“Jessop!  Jessop’s got Emma?  What about Julie and…”

“The others are fine.  My men are with them now.  It was a ruse to get to Emma.”

“Oh my god!” Jenna shook and tears filled her eyes.  “This can’t be.  She didn’t just go with them did she?”

“I’ll find out more when I get back to base.”

“Does Nathan know?”

“He does, yes.  He’s the prime target of course.  They’ve used Julie to get Emma to get to Nathan.”

“Is he on his way?”

“Yes, he’ll be here in 12 hours or so.  He was half way to Maryland when I informed him of the situation.”

“I don’t know whether to be relieved or scared.  They could get him too.”

“Nathan can take care of himself.  I’m sure it’s Jessop and his cohorts and once they contact Nathan, he’ll place a tracking device on his body that I can follow.  We’ll get them both home safely.”  He pulled Jenna close and hugged her.

Jake and Sarah held onto each other, fear in their eyes, but a look of hope when Nathan’s name was mentioned.

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