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Nathan 150


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The family decided on an outing and along with Jim headed out for the evening to see James Hunter six, a soul-blues band from Essex, England, touring and recording for more than a decade.  It was hinted that Allen Toussant, Sharon Jones or Van Morrison may be in attendance since all three were avid fans. Jenna was a fan and had been for years and since everyone loves music, they were all as eager to attend the event as she was.

Heading out, their discussion was animated as they entered the limo.  Jim was attending alongside them and Martin would drive and stand guard.  Jim attended to all the protection before they left and double checked as they drove to the event.

Settling into their seats, they talked were talking in hushed tones even though many hadn’t taken their seats as yet.  Excitement ran high, the air filled with the electric anticipation that filled the room.  The lights dimmed twice signalling the group was about to take the stage and everyone scurried to their seats while exchanging muffled.

The show began with an introduction, which proceeded with great fanfare and humour and had the audience completely involved.  Before long the group began and silence reigned, you could have heard a pin drop.

It was just before the first intermission that a note landed on Emma’s lap.  She quickly scanned the area but due to the number of people milling about, it was impossible to tell where it came from.  Turning her attention to the note, she slowly opened it, half dreading what she might find.

It read, “If you want to see Julie again, meet me at the airport now!  You and only you. I’m a man of my word, you should know that by now.”  Emma’s hands shook as she valiantly attempted to appear calm and not let her feelings show.  Inwardly she was quaking.  Dear god in heaven, not Julie!  How the hell had he managed to get to that delightful baby?  What of her parents? A thousand questions flittered through her mind, the least of which was how to notify Nathan without causing havoc panic and dire consequences.  Uppermost in her mind was the threat.  She couldn’t allow anything to happen to that sweet baby!

Turning to Jenna she whispered, “Ladies, I’ll be right back.”  Jenna nodded and turned her attention back to Jim while Jake and Sarah were chatting with a couple they were acquainted with from back home.

Emma made her way to the washroom, then scanned the area looking for Martin.  He was surrounded by a crowd of people, his eyes trained on the family.  He obviously hadn’t noticed her departure so she hustled toward the entrance and on outside.

Flagging down a cab, she gave the driver instructions to head to the airport and prayed she was doing the right thing.  It took forty-five minutes to arrive, traffic was heavy, bumper to bumper and she barely breathed the entire trip.  She tossed cash at the driver and raced into the airport.

The moment she was inside she noticed a sign that read, “Emma Banks!”  Making a bee-line straight for the sign she said, “Yes, I’m Emma Banks.”  The sign holder handed her an envelope and turned away.

The note’s instructions directed her toward the far end of the terminal.  Emma wasn’t thinking clearly, simply reacting out of fear.  Her journalistic thought processes halted.   All she could think about was somehow getting to sweet innocent Julie and freeing her.




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