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Slur Nathan


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Jessop rarely drank, but when he did, he drank heavily.  He was listening to his own voice, unrecognizable even to himself.  He wobbled and staggered around his den talking to the objects surrounding him.  “Youuu, yuuuur mine now.  Yuuur mine, nooo one can shtake that now…not een youuu Nafan.”

He needed to sit.  He went for the chair and missed falling on his butt on the floor laughing at himself.  He’d dropped his bourbon on the way down and momentarily searched for it before giving up and falling on his back asleep in an alcoholically induced haze.  If anyone was listening, they’d have heard muted snoring.

When he woke on the floor curled in a fetal position, he was momentarily at a loss.  Then he remembered damning himself for his stupidity and loss of control.  Nathan’s fault!  It was all due to his disgustingly infernal meddling.  Damn him!  He raised on one arm, lifting his still heavy body from the floor to a knee then up.  Heading through the door he set the lock and scuttled up to his bedroom to shower and change.

He’d have to wait for his head to clear before checking on his current plans.  Damn Nathan to Hell! his mind screamed.

Nathan had been in meetings for the better part of four days and exhaustion wasn’t just nipping at his heals, it was threatening to swallow him whole. He decided he’s sleep for a few hours then call Emma.  He felt chagrined at his neglectfulness but still, it couldn’t be helped.  He’d make it up to her upon his return.  He smiled at the thought as he allowed himself to drift off into sleep.

He’d been sleeping all of ten hours when his cell went off alerting him to possible problems and danger.  Quickly rising he answered.  “I’ll fly out immediately.  Meet me at my cabin.”

His driver delivered him at the plane and within 40 minutes he was flying out.





  1. Sheryl says:

    Hahaha “not een youuu Nafan” I love slurry words when people are drunk.


    • I wasn’t sure because… but I wanted the reader to know just how sauced he was snickers,it wasn’t too over the top I hope, it would be as nasty as hearing he was British ever other word lol , thank you for the input and for reading, I always enjoy your thoughts, very much


  2. 93bnmill says:

    I’m not familiar with Nathan but he seems like an interesting person. And I must admit this Jessop also seems to be a rather Odd Fellow. No I must wonder what Nathan had done to him other than get him drunk.

    I enjoyed it anyway. That was a rather nice, entertaining snippet.


    • Thanks. I started a story with Nathan as the main character and ppl loved it and asked me to continue, so I have. We are at about page 150, a little more perhaps. I try on occasion to use the daily prompt if it is appropriate to the story. It’s off the cuff and requires editing since I literally hop out of bed to write it. Glad you found it interesting. Ttyl


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