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Rhythmic Nathan


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The rhythmic sounds emanating from the main living room drew Emma forward.  There she found Jenna swaying to classical music while humming a modern beat that worked well with the original sounds.  Leaning against the door jam and closed her eyes, she immediately visualizing a room full of dancers undulating to the delightful tempo.  It was a pleasing mixture that harmonized beautifully together. When she opened her eyes, Jenna

When she opened her eyes, Jenna was dancing a lyrically smooth sustained movement across the room in time to the music she was humming.  She looked almost ethereal, light and happy.  The music became lighter, Gravevine, Hitchback, Jazzwalk ending with a Releve, pretty movements depicting the lighthearted flavour of the music.  She couldn’t help but join in and when Jenna noticed her, she smiled at her with pleasure as they grasped hands further uniting their movements.

When the song ended, she hugged Jenna.  “It’s been awhile since we danced together.”

“Too long, but it was fun,”  Jenna agreed.

“Something new you’re working on?”

“Something like that.  Have a million ideas floating through the recesses of my mind.  Wanted to get them down before I forget or more likely move on to something else.”  She smiled deprecatingly.  “I’m known to do that.”

“It was lovely, really lovely.  I enjoyed watching you and couldn’t help but join in.”

“It’s something new I’m working on to add to the music I’ve already put together.  Want to hear it?”

“Absolutely!”  They listened to the tracks Jenna had made thus far, and they were unique, beautiful and inviting, a real mix of what you could loosely call “pop” jazz and classical but with a rhythm that was completely captivating.

“Oh my god, Jenna, that is truly beautiful.”

“I’m loving it.  Just not sure what kind of a market it would invite.  To be completely honest, I wouldn’t care if it didn’t sell, because I love it that much.  I’m going to run it by the powers that be, see what they say.”

“Big thumbs up from me, I can see it being wildly accepted on many levels.  Not just dance studios and dancers, but the public at large.  It’s new, different, modern, and special.  I still have it bouncing around in my mind.”

“That’s good to know.”

“Hey, you interested in a jaunt?” At Jenna’s nod, they headed outside and began their walk.

“You heard anything from Nathan?”

“Surprisingly no.  I realize he’s crazy busy at the moment, but I’d hoped he’d call.”

“Your right, he’s probably up to his eyeballs with arrangements.”  Taking Emma’s arm in hers, she hugged her close.  “You have something special here, Emma.  Nathan adores you so I’m sure that’s all it is.”

“You’re right, of course.  I keep thinking I should check in with Jim, and then I let it go.  Jessop’s gone off the deep end and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he made a move on Nathan, even though I’m hopeful it would be a futile endeavour.  He seems incredibly resourceful.”

“Seems to me he’s motivated by insanity.  That could mean he’ll start making mistakes and as Jim said, that’s when they’ll catch him.  Crazy is as crazy does!”

Emma smiled remembered the old saying they’d often used when something bazaar occurred.  “Thanks, Jenna.  I guess I needed to hear that.”

“My pleasure.”




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