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Nathan 147


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Everyone was excitedly anticipating their walk in the park, hopping into the limo, their chatter was unending.  First on the agenda was the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture followed by the Museum of Pop Culture and lastly the Seattle Art Museum, a little  ‘something’ for everyone.

Emma smiled at Martin who was “on-point” as it were, stiff, watchful, definitely on guard taking the job quite seriously.  He was coordinating with someone constantly, every fifteen minutes (whether it was Jim or someone else) didn’t matter.

They entered the Art Museum were half way across the entrance when all hell broke loose.  and Martin immediately herded them into a group toward the far corner pulling his weapon calling for assistance.  Within a matter of seconds, a group of men and women rushed toward them crowding around the Banks.  They encircled the family and laid a hand on a shoulder of each of them, pushing and manouvering them through the front door into the waiting limo parked at the entrance.  They didn’t have time to think let alone see anyone or anything in the rush to the vehicle.  The moment they were inside, the car started up and raced away momentarily throwing them off balance. The window between the driver and passengers opened. Jim was at the wheel.  “Sorry about that, ” he announced. “Had to move quickly.  We got word Jessop was making a move and he’d sent a crew after you.  Undoubtedly it would have been made to appear a robbery attempt gone wrong while taking you as hostages.”

“How the hell did you find out?”  Jenna was agog while everyone else stared open mouthed.

“We have a mole.  I’ll explain once we’re safely home.”

As they watched several black SUV’s approached and surrounded the limo.  “It’s alright,” Jim stated, “they’re with us.  An extra detail to get us from point A to B in one piece.”

“Is this seriously necessary?”  Jenna was shocked.

“Unfortunately, yes.”

Giggling she said, “Now I know how the President feels.”  Everyone understood it was her nervous response to the situation.  Jim couldn’t help but smile in the mirror at her.

They returned to Nathan’s in record time.  Jake asked, “Did you have this set up beforehand?”

“Yes, I did.  It was Nathan’s idea and he was right.  He had a feeling Jessop was on a roll and would make an attempt the moment he became aware you were out and about.”

“How would Jessop know?”

“Let’s sit down with a beverage and I’ll explain.”

Curiosity got the better of them and they silently followed his direction.  Coffee in hand, seated in the living room, Jim began.  “We spread some stories about regarding events you were supposed to be attending.  A group of thugs showed up at two of those locations.  Today, we announced you were going to the attend an event downtown, but let slip where you really were.  There had to be an inside source, a mole if you will, reporting to Jessop.  He made the call to Jessop and since he wasn’t aware of our monitoring system, or let’s say the extent of our monitoring system, was caught red-handed.”

Emma was almost afraid to ask, “Who?  Who was it?”

“A member of the kitchen staff who replaced another that went on maternity leave.  Not sure how they got passed out intel but it happened.  We have our inside man and we’ll get further information on Jessop’s plans.”





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