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Nathan 146


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Emma paced.  Inner turmoil in full swing.  It was unlike her.  Jenna watched and waited.  Finally, on her 10th pass,  Jenna asked, “So what you going to do about it?”

“About what?”

“The reason your pacing.”

“Hmm. I’m not sure.”

“That’s not like you at all, Emma.  You are one of the most decisive people I know.  You know what you need to do.”

“Where’s Jim?”

“He’s checking on his men.”

“Ok.”  Emma sent an absent-minded smile Jenna’s way before walking past her toward Nathan’s den. Jenna smiled thoughtfully.  “My work here is done.”

Emma knocked on the door.  Jim bade her enter.  “Jim, sorry to disturb you.”

“No problem Emma, what’s up?”

“I can’t let Nathan tackle this alone.  How long would it take to get the jet back and ready to go?”

“I’d happily make arrangements for your departure.  However, it’s not something I would suggest you do right now.”

“Why, what’s happened?”

“I just received word that all three of Nathan’s galleries have been hit in succession.  The Paris Gallery sustained minimal damage, but Italy was bombed, I would imagine some sort of incendiary device, placed inside, which caused considerable damage.  Nathan’s on his way there now after securing police protection.  Our men will be on location before he lands.”


“Most certainly.  It would require another level of protection if you joined Nathan.  He can take care of himself, Emma.  Your going would add another level of complication I’m afraid.”

“Point taken.  Damn it, Jim, I feel helpless.”

“I understand that, Emma.  Nathan will handle the situation better knowing you’re here, safe and sound instead of worrying about the eventuality that Jessop could get to you or harm you.”

“Isn’t there something I can do?”

“Take Jenna and your parents on an outing, anywhere, the park, shopping, a gallery, something to entertain them, keep their minds occupied.  I’m sure they’ll be feeling the strain as well.”

“I can do that.”

“Martin will accompany you.  I need to stay and co-ordinate with Nathan and others.  I’ll join you as soon as I am able.”





  1. Sheryl says:

    Uh oh, an outing? That sounds like opportunity for Jessop… I’m on the edge of my seat here.


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