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Hmm, I’ve had this happen once before.  Word of the day on Promp shows no one answered (perhaps they didn’t) .  Just wondered if anyone else was having issues? Although I had a number of people visit my site over the course of several days, the counter thingy says no one has dropped by.  Yet, if I click on your posts to me, they are there and suggest otherwise.  Another Hmmm. Wanted to check in with you, see if anyone one else was having these issues or if it’s me and I need to re-download WP (the link may have become corrupted).

Perhaps someone could let me know if this is an isolated incident over the course of the last week or if you’ve suffered similar issues, I’d appreciate it, most definitely.

Take care all, hope you enjoy an incredible day full of promise, positives, family and friends. Tata



  1. Sheryl says:

    Every once and a while the ping back doesn’t work. There are at least 5 bloggers that respond within seconds of the post daily so if you see nobody then it’s a technical issue. I emailed them right away to let them know.


  2. Wp frequently suffers from glitches. If it’s not behaving properly in a few hours, try the reinstall method.


  3. One minute I get msgs… then the next minute the whole msg disappeared..


  4. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

    It’s a word press problem I think, it’s been playing up all day and all the squat posts ain’t squatting anywhere 🤣😳😂


  5. Margarita says:

    Yes, I’m having that problem, too, Phyllis. Oddly, if I open a private browsing window it rights itself. 😉


  6. Some days, yes, other days, almost the opposite. But they will never tell us what’s going on.


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