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Nathan 144


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Emma rubbed her eyes when Nathan rose and hurried out of the bedroom.  He rarely looked at his phone once they were snuggled in for the night.  Something was wrong and an inner battle ensued.  Should she go find out what was up, or stay put and await his return?  She was admittedly curious but also wanted to lend support and on the other hoped he’d share whatever was happening.  She lay back down and waited.

Half asleep when he returned, she rolled to face him.  “You ok? What’s happening?”

“I just received a call from my manager in Paris.”  He sighed.  “Someone torched my gallery.  The damage is extensive but repairable.  I’m going to have to fly over and survey the damage and make some decisions.”

“Nathan, no!”


“Decidedly.  I’ve never had any other incidents involving the art galleries before, so it stand to reason, he’s behind it.  As a result, I’ve placed extra security around the other galleries.  If he’s insane enough to make another attempt, it will guarantee his guilt.”

Emma sat straight up in bed and wound her arms around him.  “Nathan, I’m so sorry.”

“I knew there would be reprisals, I miscalulated on where.  That doesn’t mean he will give up on any ongoing plans he may have regarding your family, just that he wanted to take a pot-shot at me personally.”

“I’m flying out in two hours.  I’d love to take you to Paris with me and it’s something we’ll do at a later date.”

“I would love to go but I’m sure you’ll move faster, cover more ground, get more done without having to consider me.” Placing a hand on the side of his face she added, “I’ll hold you to that invitation though as I’d love to see Paris.”

Nathan drew her close.  “It’s a promise then.  When the dust settles, we’ll go together and enjoy the sights.”

“Anything I can do on this end?”

“Keep an eye on Jenna and your parents.  Try to encourage them to stay here.  It’s safer and my men can oversee the rest of your family easily enough.”

“Since he’s hit my place, he could decide to hit others.  I’ve beefed up security all round, Emma.  I’m concerned this isn’t the last of his hit and run tactics.”

“You think he’ll try something similar on my family!?”

“Unfortunately, I do.  I’ve doubled security on every location, Emma. I’m not leaving anything to chance.  This place is impenetrable, he won’t get near.  Should you go anywhere, you’ll have Jim on alert and another guard as well.  You won’t have to limit your activities, just be mindful and alert.  I’m sorry I have to leave you, Emma.”

“Don’t be, it can’t be helped and I’ll be right here waiting for you to return, safely!”

“You got it!”  he promised adding a heart-pounding kiss.  “I have to go prepare now, there’s a great deal to organize.”

He dressed, packed and before leaving returned to leave Emma with another heart-stopping kiss and a hug that had her melting.  “Be safe, Nathan, above all else, please.”

“I intend to.”




  1. Sheryl says:

    Uh oh, divide and conquer. Separating seems like a foolish thing to do… hmmm… on the edge of my seat my dear.


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