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Nathan 143


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Jake and Sarah decided to stay a couple days longer owing to the news Nathan shared but kept in constant touch with the others through snapchat.  Since there was little they could add to the current situation in either location other than witness the fallout, they decided staying outweighed leaving as here, they had first-hand information.

Meanwhile, Jessop was purple with rage, his face contorted, unrecognizable, as he smashed anything within reach.  Those pissants were fighting back!  How dared they!  Who would have thought they had it in them.  They didn’t! They’d run with their tail between their legs.  Someone else gave them the backbone to fight back and only one man would have reason to give them the impetus to do so, Nathan!

“Alright, Nathan, if it’s war you want, it’s war you’ll get!  Stage two! begins.”He placed an overseas phone call.  Within a matter of hours, Nathan would hurt as never before.  He thought he was invincible?  Well he was not!

Setting a secondary set of wheels in motion, he sent a crew to Banks home with instructions to take care of business and by god they’d better or heads would roll.

Storming into the foyer he yelled for a staff member to clean up and raced out to his waiting car, destination unknown.  He didn’t care where he went, he needed to get out, just out and raced blindly down the road then onto the busy highway nearly ramming into other drivers as he wedged his way in then back and forth veering from lane to lane like a madman.

Once he’d calmed down enough to see straight, he pulled over and called a couple of men he was in negotiations with.  They cold-shouldered him putting his latest venture on hold.  He hadn’t felt this impotent since childhood, that helplessness that came at the realizsation he had no control and was stuck in that circle of inability to get what he wanted, just what he need.  This bullshit  had to stop!  It would, now! Slamming his fists against the steering wheel he yelled, “Damn you, Nathan!”

Nathan knew Jessop had to be feeling the heat.  Word would have certainly reached him by now.  He took immense delight in knowing that he’d upset Jessop’s apple cart and he would, should be feeling the effects of the lines he had tugged.

Inside his den, he touched base with all his crew in each location and informed them it was necessary to be even more alert and vigilant as the madman was off his leash and anything could happen.


  1. Sheryl says:

    Bahbahhaaaah… What will ole Jessop do now I wonder?


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