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Nathan 142


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Almost before the deed was done and Jessop had begun maligning him, Nathan was aware.  He had people in low places or at least monitoring low places, and he’d heard the scuttle an hour after it began.  Although he was thick-skinned and wasn’t overly concerned, it would be something different for Emma and her family in particular.  It hurt Nathan more that they would malign her people, her family as they were salt of the earth types who had worked hard all their lives, were honourable and loving.  They didn’t deserve this.

Of course, it meant he would have to talk to Daniel and Jenna first, before explaining the situation and it’s ramifications to the others.

After that, he’d begin his own barrage of information. An

An in-depth search had rendered some interesting facts.  When he followed the dots, the connections were easy to see.  Many of the businesses Jessop had taken over came from people from his past.  Nathan began there and over the course of the last week, had contacted many of the men ruined by Jessop.  Most were unaware it was Jessop who had systematically destroyed their businesses then bought them up.

Upon learning who, the why became obvious, and they were very vocal about the type of individual Jessop had been growing up.  They were eager to go public and humiliate the man he’d become.  Although innocent as a child, his actions now, were on him.

Nathan contacted over 20 businesses that Jessop had personally followed and destroyed, and all were linked to his childhood.  Across the states, articles had been submitted in notes to the Editor portraying Jessop as a sad lonely child who’d never grown up and owned his actions or taken responsibility for wrong-doing but instead had become self-centered, egotistical and selfish.  They outlined his MO in the destruction of their businesses and lives.  It was easy for anyone reading the articles to clearly see the man for what he’d become.

Nathan wasn’t sure how he’d react upon seeing his life trivialized into the evil mean spirited vengeful man he’d become, but one thing was sure, other business men would run a mile before accepting or doing business with him from now on.

Because the articles came from the individuals involved and had nothing to do with Nathan, it wouldn’t come across as sour grapes, and indeed, couldn’t be tied to him on any level which although Jessop might figure out, could never prove.

Now for the hard part, talking to Daniel.  In that vein, he’d flown out early before anyone was up and met with him explaining the reason for the fallout and how to handle it.  Daniel was furious, not about what was said about himself (for he and all that mattered knew the truth) but that it would hurt his family. That had him stomping in large circles.  Nathan had to smile because it covered how he’d felt when he’d heard what Jessop was up to.

As soon as he arrived home, he made time to meet with Jenna and apprise her of what was being said.  Although she was in Seattle not back home, her friends and agents would certainly hear of it.

She was actually more relaxed about the entirety of the news than he’d expected.  Jenna explained that to be in the music industry, entertainment industry for that matter, you had to have a thick skin, because jealous was rampant and half what you heard were out and out lies.  She’d learned that one the hard way.  This was but a bump in the road to her.

Nathan didn’t bring the subject up during dinner, but as soon as they were finished and relaxed he explained Jessop’s latest antics.  As expected, Emma was furious.  It took a bit of doing to calm her down.  Once Nathan was finished and Jenna explained it was of no consequence, she sat down.  A little of the fire-breathing dragon was still apparent, the nostrils flared and her breath came too quickly, but she was obviously taking everything in.  The journalist in her was taking over, seeing the big picture.



  1. Sheryl says:

    Uh oh, thwarting Jessop’s well planned move will ramp up his desperation and fury. I wonder if his retribution will be swift and violent or if this slandering was all a distraction for something grander… hmmm… what fun to speculate.


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