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Although I’ve written a novel and published it on smashwords, I have to say some of the most thought-provoking, involving, interesting writing I’ve done (don’t get me wrong I enjoyed writing the novel and have 4 more on the go) I do believe the writing I’ve done here is by far more involving.  It’s always interesting, challenging on occasion, exciting, and fun.

I’m always curious about other’s thoughts on all the subjects and words that pop up.  Although a great majority of the time, when I write snippets of “one-page novels” they are fiction.

I guess the most sharing I’ve done is through the poetry I write.  Most of it tends to be personal through something either seen, perceived or experienced.

Recently I’ve had a delightful opportunity to talk to several of you on personal topics, issues and concerns, and I’m humbled by the care depth concern and vulnerability with which you have shared your thoughts, personal conflicts, and concerns.

It’s never been my intent to preach at anyone about anything other than to put some thoughts out there to find out where the rest of the world is on any given subject or idea.  It’s been an experience I wouldn’t have missed for worlds.

I’m basically a chatty Cathy (if you’ve ever chatted or left comments and would immediately become aware) and I love interacting with you.

I reached 500 entries a couple of days ago and was stunned to realize the time and days had passed that quickly and that I had that much to say about anything.  Think deeply on many things, but this aspect of sharing is new to me and in the beginning, I was shy about it as you really are vulnerable when you actually write down thoughts on a page and then have the temerity to put it out there for others to witness.

It was a passing thought I had to express and share as WP and sharing and knowing you all more and more has become very dear to my heart.  So although on occasion I’ve mentioned this before, it’s truer now than ever.  Thank you, all who interact, share, visit.  I enjoy you all so very much.  Take care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Very nice post! Congratulations on your success! You are so right…I have had to think seriously about some of my posts, but many have been more lighthearted! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!


  2. Congratulatins on crossing 500 entries! Thanks for writing, interacting, and keeping the communications vibrant.


  3. Well, I knew you were a novelist because of your blog title, but I haven’t yet had the opportunity to check it out. I have, however, found all of your posts to be enlightening and I’ve come to consider you one of my friends here on wp. Congratulations on the milestone. I’m happy I’m here to experience it with you. 😊


  4. Margarita says:

    It IS a lovely community, Phyllis. I’m glad we’re in it together! 😉 xoM


  5. I think we all used to have thoughts and ideas and stuff. The difference is that now that we blog, we can turn those odd ideas and thoughts into posts and share them with a community. I find it very freeing.

    I treasure your friendship!


    • Thank you Marilyn. I really treasure your friendship. Your one in a million, and not all green and crumpled either. mwhahah. I so enjoy conversing with you nearly daily. It’s one of the boons of my existence. And your right, it is freeing.


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