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Playful Invitation


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It confounded and surprised me, this chair sitting in the middle of nowhere.  Why, how, who?  Yet, for all that, it was a romantic notion.  A chair sitting silently, abjectly alone yet not.  The sun shed a glowing light upon it, so much so that it beckoned.  Come join me, come sit.  Be spontaneous, be silly, be free!

I had to accept the delightfully playful invitation.  Wading carefully forward, I sat.   It was stable no fear of toppling over so I closed my eyes and was immediately swept away into a world of possibilities.  Best 10 minutes of my life!




  1. Margarita says:

    Hmmm…gives new perspective to armchair traveler! 😉 xoxoM


  2. neilmacdon says:

    Delicate and whimsical


  3. Dear Phyllis,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Love that last line. Good one!




    • Thank you. I had my son help get me to the right place. I have difficulty with vision and therefore understanding necessary steps. It was a delight to partake in I’m delighted you offered the opportunity.


      • Hi Phyllis,

        I’m sorry about your vision difficulties. I’m glad you have your son to help. Perhaps he’ll be able to help you with copying and pasting the photo prompt as well. Once you get the hang of it you’ll find it’s as easy as falling off that mystery chair. 😉
        First you right click on the photo and choose ‘save image’ from the menu that should appear. That should save it to your photo file…on my computer it’s downloads. On your edit page at the top there should be a tab for add media click that. It should give you the option of going to your media library or uploading a file. Upload that photo then there will be a tab on the bottom right for inserting the photo. That should do it.
        If it doesn’t WordPress has some tutorial videos that might help. I hope this helps.




      • Thank you very much. It’s literally one step at a time ( snicker snicker) good thing I’m the ‘patient sort’ not! lol. Yes I am, I’ve learned to be. Having said that, I’m always into learning as I love learning! I’ll give it a go a bit later. running on 2 hours sleep and little ppl to take care of take care and thank you for the help, greatly appreciated.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Dale says:

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, Phyllis! That was a wonderful story indeed.


  5. Someday we will really be able to sit in our chair at home and travel. And that is when i shall travel again 🙂 Nice post. Thank you.


  6. michael1148humphris says:

    Just lovely – welcome


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