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Nathan 139


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Jessop pondered the current situation.  Threats on Nathan’s cohorts hadn’t worked so far.  Little nudges to back him off didn’t seem to concern him.  Threats of physical violence, car accidents, even sending a team to Bank’s home had not garnered the desired effect.  Nathan hadn’t taken them seriously.  Perhaps his thinking was faulty and he’d sent the wrong people.  Perhaps Nathan thought he was invincible. Striking Nathan where it hurt most was key.  That was Emma Banks.

Turning attention in her direction and what was most important in her world, it was obvious that included her family and now Nathan.  Yes, he could use this avenue very nicely.  At the moment, the family was well guarded in an impenetrable fortress and well guarded all round.  He’d keep watch, bide his time.  He could be patient when necessary.

He’d have to call in some IOU’s.  His inside man, vigilant in keeping him informed, worked out nicely.

“Well Miss Banks, let’s see what you do about this!”

He called up his right-hand woman, Cheyenne Forrester, giving her explicit instructions on how to proceed.  Jessop was good at pushing buttons, cutting to the core, ensuring loyalty.  Cheyenne was no different than the others but far more loyal and eager to do his bidding.  Hanging up, he began tapping rhythmically on the desk as an evil smile covered his face.



  1. Sheryl says:

    Bwahahahaha nicely done. I do love an evil plot brewing.


    • haha thank you, I have to admit waiting worked, I didn’t think about it for a few days and suddenly, it was there, but thank you for the ideas because basically that’s what I did pulled it out of a hat hehe


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