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So many precious sounds to be heard

From a child’s laughter to the trills of a bird

The ocean lapping gently upon the shore

A full orchestra playing a delightful score

Baritone, soprano, alto or tenor

Voices that enrich reaching such splendor

A choir harmonizing so eloquently

Dozens of voices raised exultantly

The whisper of laughter floating on air

That hints of joy and happiness there

When our concerns are truly heard

The gift of inner peace is conferred















  1. Very eloquently written 🌹


  2. S.E.A. says:

    Child’s laughter is my favorite. So infectious and innocent. It’s a soothing balm to a anxious soul. Lovely piece!


  3. Margarita says:

    I like those sounds! 😉 xoM


  4. eddaz says:

    Laughter brings joy and inner happiness..lovely.


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