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Nathan 138


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Jessop wandered his palatial home ranting and raving! Even the vases trembled at his approach.  How could this be happening?  How was it possible his well-laid plans were in dire straights, near collapse?  That hideous man! “Nathan!” he roared to an empty room.  “You are responsible for this!”  An extravagantly pricey crystal vase crashed to the floor followed by a second equally expensive candy dish.

He stomped around the room glaring, eyes filled with hatred and the vile evil that only comes from the wickedly insane.

His focus changed, now from protecting his growing empire, to destroying Nathan and all he held most dear.  One way or the other he would pay for what he’d done, was doing!

As he flung himself into his wing-backed chair he recalled the day he’d walked in on his father while amid a furious tirade.  Now he understood.  At the time he’d been frightened by his father’s all-consuming anger.

Having made (what turned out to be) a bad investment, they’d lost everything to a con-artist.  Then came the horrific moment they’d been forced to move from their beautiful home (filled with antiques and rare wood-lined walls) to the middle-class area of town.

Adding insult to injury, were the instances he’d been cruelly reminded of how far they’d fallen and he was overcome by the shame and humiliation at meeting old friends he’d spent time with.  The chagrin never ending, as he noted the look in their eyes containing sadness or worse yet pity, swept over him and away.  It was like rubbing salt in the open wound of their downfall from grace.  Others not content with looks added mean disparaging remarks, laughing at their unexpected financial demise.  It still stung!

It was at that precise moment, he’d determined to win back all his father had lost, and more – his goal to snub all those families they’d once known while actively destroying any and all that had looked down on him or made fun of their sudden collapse.  No one was safe from his fury.

He’d systematically tracked them down and taken over their businesses or destroyed them, leaving them destitute and broken.  A trail of broken men and their pathetic lives had fallen in his wake, and he’d smiled.

They were nothing compared to what he’d do to Nathan.  He must quieten his mind he decided, in order to concoct a plan so perfectly evil he’d have him groveling on his knees.  “Yes,” he steepled his fingers in front of his chest, “yes, Nathan, you will pay!”


1 Comment

  1. Sheryl says:

    *clapping* Ooooh that’s chilling. I cannot wait to see what Jessop tries to do and how far he will go.


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