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One of life’s important lessons,

Is learning to count our true blessings.

That being said it’s important to know,

When to hold the line and when to let go.

Resist the urge to cause others pain,

Instead offering tools that are germane.

In fulfilling their potential while here,

Whether in daily relationships or career.

Resist the urge to be intentionally mean,

Walking the path that stands in between.

Resist the urge to be unyielding

Far better that you are wielding

That which is true never deceiving

Leaving something worth believing.



















  1. cwaugh212 says:

    Excellent poem today.


  2. Nice one…I will try my best….enjoyed…


  3. Interesting. Personally, I have reached the odd conclusion that no one really wants advice, even when they ask for it. What they REALLY want is support and agreement. If asked, I answer, as neutrally as I can — then, that’s it for me. Otherwise, I butt out. It works out better that way.


  4. Sumyanna says:

    Good advice. Wonderful poem😊


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