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So much memory attached to scent,

Centers around a person place or event.

A woman’s perfume full and rich,

Reminders of her continue to bewitch.

Perfection captured in a moment so special,

Full of love’s wonder and true potential.

What of the sweet scent of summer,

Filling our heart setting it aflutter.

Chocolate chip cookies wafting on air,

Cooked in the kitchen with loving care,

Candy floss at the carnival fair,

All the joys we experienced there.

Scent indeed carries great power,

To refresh reclaim and empower.

Childhood memories, and special moments,

Captured forever and surprisingly intense.












  1. Loved this one, I could smell what you were describing šŸ˜€šŸ˜


  2. stbarbebaker says:

    Amazing imagery in this


  3. I loved it Phyllis šŸ˜Š


  4. This is magnificent!


  5. Sumyanna says:

    Wonderful. I feel the same way about a new package of crayons. Reminds me of my school days šŸ˜


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