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Nathan 137


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Emma and her mother sauntered arm in arm through copious gardens.  “Emma, do you think this “thing” will end soon?”

“I’m not sure, mom.  Nathan and Jim are doing what they do, it seems they’re getting closer.  It’s just not enough to take to court.”

Somewhat startled, Sarah asked, “I don’t quite understand, how so?”

“Someone was intent on chasing Nathan down, but who?  The man at the theater would have attacked me if possible, he was stopped and although he was grilled doesn’t know who hired him. We don’t have any links.  The men sent to our cabin were paid in cash, never met their boss, and although we know they were sent by the man responsible for Marks and Westwood’s untimely demises, where’s the indisputable evidence?  We can follow the dots but that’s all at the moment.  We can tie the arms in the warehouse to Jessop, loosely.  He could easily deny it, say they were planted and he knew nothing about them.  We need hard cold facts, proof he was selling to foreign governments branding him a terrorist.  While the armaments are in warehouses belonging to Jessop (and in one instance) on land owned by Morgon, it doesn’t mean they were in cahoots.  It simply means Morgon rented property to Jessop. It’s less than circumstantial.  Someone ran us into the guardrail but was it Jessop’s doing or a drunk or careless driver?”

“Point taken.”

“There has to be one man who knows all Jessop’s dirty little secrets.  If we find that man, and he rolls on Jessop, we’ll have him.  So far, we haven’t found that connection.  Jessop’s very good at covering his trail.  Either he pays well or has a means of putting the fear of god into his underlings.  We need to find that crack in his armour, and there is one, has to be.  No man is an island as they say.”

“I know your father’s concerned, hell beyond worried.”

Emma hadn’t heard her mother curse in forever.  It only happened when she was exceedingly worried or fearful.

“We’ll be ok, mom, seriously we have Nathan and an army protecting all of us.”

“I’m grateful for it, Emma, I am.  It’s just that this is constantly hanging over our heads.  I’d like to breath again.”

“We will, mom, we will, I promise.”  Emma prayed it would happen sooner than later, for all of them.


  1. Sheryl says:

    Nicely done, A good dose of humanity and emotion to drive the urgency forward.


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