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When the knees no longer work

See a specialist receive his handiwork.

If the house has become too small

Simply remove a piece of the wall.

If a picture frame suddenly breaks

Replacement is all it takes.

For some things that is not possible

A loved one is now in the hospital

We beg, we plead for instant recovery

And remember how exceedingly lucky

We were to have them in our life

Whether it be husband or wife

There is no replacement for a lost child

We pour over pictures in which we once smiled

Replacement is possible for many things

But we’d gladly pay the ransom of kings

When the most special gifts we often share

Suddenly disappear, it doesn’t compare

No replacement for honour integrity or love

Never become complacent and neglectful of

Those things for which replacement is not possible

Leaving a hole in our heart, leaving us inconsolable

Most importantly of all I believe, is the fact there’s no replacement for my blog,

for which I am exceedingly grateful daily.  I enjoy you all so much.










  1. Margarita says:

    You’re irreplaceable, Phyllis! 😉 xoM


  2. Definitely irreplaceable! 😉


  3. Sumyanna says:

    What would we do without you? On second thought… Don’t answer that!


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