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Nathan 136


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The following morning, they all met for breakfast, the men looking somber, the women looking relaxed and pleased.

As soon as their breakfast was served Nathan said, “Since we all know the truth of last night’s little adventure, let me be clear, there will be no more recon for any of you.”  He looked solidly at all three women.

The women exchanged knowing glances.  “Since you know we followed you, and that we met with no harm, no foul, and the accident could have been simply that, a drunk or crazy driver, I see no point in belaboring the issue,”  Emma spoke firmly in response.

“Having said that, we’ve already agreed we won’t go unescorted into enemy territory.  So, it behooves each of you to include us in your plans.  We expect to know what you’re doing, and when.  We all have a stake in this.”

The other women nodded their approval.

Nathan exchanged glances with the other men and continued, “Alright, that’s fair enough.  You have a valid point.  We’ll let you know when we’re making a move and why.  Having said that, we expect that you’ll honour our request and stay out of it.”

“I think we can all agree with that proposal.”  Emma looked at the other women who exchanged glances then agreed.

“So what did you find out last night?”

Nathan explained about the ownership of the warehouse and land and continued, “We found more of the same, in larger quantities.  It’s a link at least tying the two men together indicating they are in business together, something we didn’t know previously.  It’s going to take more time to find indisputable proof, but we will.”

The day progressed in relaxed mode with couples breaking off involved in a variety of activities.  Jim showed Jenna some basic moves, to protect herself, Emma and Nathan went over plans and concerns regarding the men involved, Jake and Sarah took a leisurely walk around the grounds.




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