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Nathan 135


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The third degree continued with Jake and Sarah.  “I know you too well, Sarah, that was a load of bullshit back there.   What the hell were you three really up to?”

Sarah smiled.  “Following you of course.”

“What?  Why?”

“Do you realize how dangerous that was?”

“Jake, nothing happened.  It was so boring.  I can’t imagine doing that for a living.  Besides, we left before it got interesting I assume.  You weren’t far behind us after all.  We left and were well out of harm’s way.  I have to admit though, I understand the draw.”

“Darling, you could have been seriously injured.  I can’t get past that part.  Don’t do this again, do you hear me?”

“Are you giving me orders, Jake?”

“Yes, yes I am.  Not something I do, but I’m putting my foot down on this one.  No more of this Sarah.  I’ll have a talk with Emma.  I’m shocked and surprised she’d involve you in this, she knows what to expect.”

Sarah stood ramrod straight, “Don’t you dare, Jake.  I wanted to go.  We all did.  We chose to be part of the situation.  It had nothing to do with Emma.”

“It most certainly did.  She was the ringleader, no doubt about it.”

“She may have known what to do, but we all made a choice, Jake.  I wanted to live a little, be part of the big picture, something I haven’t really done.  Oh sure, I’ve raised our family and they’ve turned into fine people, people I’m proud of.  But you, you, Nathan, Jim, you’ve all been part of something far more important.  Exciting.  Thrilling even.”

“Perhaps, but at a cost.  Mentally and physically.  It’s taken its toll.  Not something I would willingly want you involved in or dealing with.”

“Let it be, Jake.  We all enjoyed our little excursion, it was fun.  I’m not particularly interested in going again, as I said, it was boring.”



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