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Nathan 134


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Nathan played along, asking the staff to prepare some light snacks with coffee and brandy for others.  Conversation was light, stilted at times, with everyone skirting the subject they all wanted to discuss.  The women were hamstrung as they couldn’t ask what the men were up to without giving themselves away and vice versa.

When exhaustion finally settled in, they retired for the night.  The minute the bedroom door was closed, Nathan pounced.  “Alright, Emma, what were you up to?”

Emma sighed.  “We knew you were planning something, so we followed you.”  She winced waiting for his response.

“I figured as much.  Taking her in his arms he asked quietly, “You never thought about the possible consequences to you or the others?”  He gave her a little shake, “This is not a game, Emma.  These men are dangerous and could care less who they hurt or take out to save their skin.”

“How would you feel if your mother or sister were hurt while you snooped?  You are lucky they only sideswiped you.  Your mother and sister aren’t in the same league as you, they’ve had no experience in defense or self-protection.  Jim and Jake would be devastated.  I would be devastated!”

Having said that, he hauled her close and held on, “In part, I’m so damn angry I don’t know what to say and in part, I’m simply relieved you are all safe.”

“Then why couldn’t you have explained what you were planning?  Why didn’t you include us?  We have a right to know what’s going on, and what our men are involved in.  You think you have a corner on caring?  On being devastated?”  She pulled back, eyes flashing, “I love you, Nathan.  I may have tried to fight it, but I do.  I’m ok with what you do and how you do it, I just want to be involved.”

Smiling, she added, “I have to admit it was exciting too.”

Nathan lifted her, set her on the bed and proceeded to show her exactly how he felt about her while Emma reciprocated.



  1. Sheryl says:

    A fair point she made. It’s unfair for him to expect her to include him if he doesn’t include her in plans.


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