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Nathan 133


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Emma knew Nathan and company were up to something.  She’d whispered her intention to follow the guys to the others as soon as she figured out the guy’s plans.  Immediately upon their disappearance, the women raced to gather their coats, hats, and gloves and hustled out to one of the waiting vehicles.

She followed at a safe distance, hoping to go unnoticed, but really, this was their line of work so she wasn’t sure she could pull it off.  Fingers crossed she said, “I’m hoping we’re far enough behind that we can tail them.  I’m new at this, so we’ll see what happens.”

Jenna giggled nervously, “Your worst is better than my best.  I guess I should have paid more attention to those chase scenes in my mystery movies.”

They all leaned forward in their seats actively staring ahead.  “You notice the type of tail lights on Jim’s vehicle?”

“Yeah, they are sort of oval with a triangle inside.”  Jenna was the first to respond.

“You watch that, mom, can you watch the shape?  I’ll watch too but I have to navigate, it’s the best idea I can come up with, which is going to get more difficult once we enter the thoroughfare with numerous other vehicles moving around.

They did surprisingly well.   Emma changed lanes constantly, and when the traffic was heavy, pulled closer to within a single car length behind Jim’s car.  As soon as traffic thinned out, she dropped back two and three car lengths.  She laughed, “OMG, this is hilarious.  I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“I’m more concerned about what we’re going to do once we get there.  I mean, do we follow them inside their destination, or do we keep watch, what’s our purpose here?”  Jenna unconsciously emitted another nervous snicker.

“We’ll play it by ear.  I won’t put us in a dangerous situtation, but we can act as look-out and back-up if necessary.”

Sarah asked, “I take it you’ve never done this before, Emma?”

“No, never.  I was with Nathan on one occasion when we followed a man, but it was more of a high-speed chase and I was too excited to take note of his movements.”

“What do we say if they find us?”  Jenna asked as this surprised thought filtered her nervous brain.

“I’ll take care of that, don’t worry.”

Eventually, they turned off onto a lone road that headed out to nowhere.  Emma cut the lights and fell even further back.   When she noticed the other vehicles parking, she pulled to the side of the road and set the car into park and they waited and watched.

“Jeeze, Emma, it’s been over an hour. What could be taking so long, and don’t you think we should leave before they do?  Especially if we want to remain incognito.”

“Yeah, I suppose your right.  It’s pretty boring anyway.  Hey, let’s hit an all night eatery and enjoy a snack?  You interested?”

“Sure.  Got anything in mind?”

“I know a little bar that has great food, finger food.  We can give that a try, see what we think about it.”

They were well on their way, back on the main road and heading to their destination when a car appeared from nowhere slamming them into the guardrail that separated the two sections of highway.  Emma did a remarkable job of holding on and keeping the car on the road until it was safe enough to pull over.  Hazard lights on, she turned to check the other passengers out, “You two ok?”


“Yes, I am,  gave me a start of course, but I’m not hurt.”

“What was that all about?”

“I’d say we got someone’s attention.  Probably the perp’s.  This has been an MO he’s used before.  Damn it!”


“How do I explain this to Nathan?”

“You tell him the truth.”

“Yeah, I know.  The problem is, I promised I wouldn’t pull another stunt like this without telling him first.”

“You don’t have to tell him the whole truth, just that we went for a drive looking for this restaurant and . . .”

As much as Emma hated half-truths as much as lies, she agreed.  He would accept that, but not that they were following him and his men.

“Ok.”  Sighing she asked, “Are we all in agreement then?”

“Yes.  I know Jake will be scared to death if he knew what we were up to.”

“I’m sure Jim wouldn’t be any more pleased than dad so yeah, I’m in.”

“Ok, I’ll call Nathan, arrange for a pickup.”

It was about twenty minutes later that Nathan, Jim, and Jake rolled up alongside.  They hopped out of their vehicle and hurried toward the waiting women.  “You alright?”  They asked in unison?”

“Yeah, we’re fine, we weren’t hurt at all.  Just a misfortunate accident.”  Jenna was the first to chime in.

Nathan looked Emma over from head to toe before wrapping her tightly in his arms and kissing the top of her head.

Jake grabbed his wife and held onto her tightly before releasing her but continuing to hold her hands in his.  “Love?”

“I’m fine, dear.  A little shocked but otherwise quite alright.”

“Where were you going?”  Jim asked unable to hide his surprise.

“We were going to check out a little coffee shop I heard of that offers delectable entrees and coffee for all-nighters.  It’s supposed to be really good.  I thought we’de give it a try.”

They returned to Nathans when the limo arrived and Jim drove his car back to Nathans.  Jenna seemed pretty good at distraction and involved her mother every step of the way as they asked Emma and Nathan about the various landmarks they passed.



  1. Sheryl says:

    I bet Nathan sees right through that little ruse. Nicely done.


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